Camping Blanket (Traveler's Ground Sheet) - Pocket Fit, Ultra Lightweight (4.93 oz), Water Repellent, Large Size 75x50" (6.25 x 4.16 feet), Portable, All Weather, for Outdoor, Picnic and Beach

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Manufacturer Description

If you are looking for the easy to carry sheet or blanket to relax on
during your outdoor moments, then this is the right thing for you.

"Traveler's Ground Sheet" is the perfect companion to join you outdoors!

Protects you against ground dust, sand, small rocks, dirt, twigs and insects.

It generously accommodates you, or both of you as it unfolds from the compact pouch to a large size sheet 6.25 x 4.16 feet.

Fits in your hand and you barely notice it in your pocket so you can take it anywhere.
It's made of ultra-strong thin nylon (0.1 mm Silnylon) and it is the perfect balance between practicality and portability.

It also protects you against those unexpected drizzles when you don't have your umbrella on you, thanks to the water repellent fabric.
While it doesn't replace the insulation purposes of a thick blanket, you can use it as a cover during warm nights.

Relay on it for the impromptu and use it as a portable sheet, thin blanket or tarp for: camping, hiking, climbing, picnic, beach,
outdoor festivals, Disneyland family-trips, outside yoga sessions, fishing, park etc. Some customers use it also as table cloth or tent footprint.

The Traveler's Ground Sheet is the new & improved sheet and the most reliable on the market because it is specially designed with lightweight and smallness in mind.
This is ultralight gear meant to be used when weight is a critical factor.

We created it after profound research, choosing the strongest fabric available and passion pushed us to make it with care, for sturdiness over time.
We absolutely guarantee it against manufacturing defects.

See for yourself why it has been high rated by top reviewers. Compare it with similar products to see the difference.

Afterwords, pick your favourite color and get yourself this Reliable Outdoor Gear!

Even better! Comes with gift-wrap if you need to buy it as a present. Choose your favourite wrap at checkout.

Product Features

ULTRA-COMPACT POUCH, LARGE SIZE SHEET: The sheet unfolds to 75x50" and it's big enough to fully fit you (and much more). When folded back into it's pouch it takes as less as one pair of socks, just 2.75" x 1.38" x 3.95" ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT, PUNCTURE-RESISTANT MATERIAL: Makes your trips "light and easy" by saving weight and space in your luggage. It is manufactured from one of the thinnest and strongest nylon fabrics available and it weights just 4.93 oz. WEIGHTED-CORNERS, FOLDING GUIDES: The sheet has specially-market guide-lines for fast and easy folding, and has also weighted corners to resist light winds. WATER-REPELLENT, EASY-CLEANABLE TEXTURE: The fabric keeps you dry from the moistly surfaces underneath and it does great on the grass, in the woods or even on the sand. Most of the dirt won't stick to it but even so it's very easy to clean it with a few shakes. PREPARE FOR THE IMPROMPTU: The Traveler's Ground Sheet is a must in your EDC (Everyday Carry) or your minimalistic baggage. It's small, it weights the same as your phone and it's barely noticeable in your backpack, luggage or purse. And best of all, it fits in your pocket! So don't wait, GET IT NOW! MANUFACTURER GUARANTEED AGAINST ANY DEFECTS.

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