GUN CLEANING KITS by Sage & Braker. Throw away the rods, brushes and patches. One swipe and your gun bore shines like new. Our gun cleaning kits are unmatched in quality and design. Cleaner, faster, period.


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Manufacturer Description

Advantages of Using Sage & Braker's Bore Cleaning Kits
- One pass gun cleaning
- Made with highest quality components available
- Copper brush detaches from rope portion for easy and safe cleaning of rope
- Brass weight is stamped with gauge or caliber for easy identification
- Comes in a rugged canvas bag to keep your bore cleaning kit compact and organized

Easy to Use
- Apply favorite bore cleaning solvent to copper brush
- Add favorite gun lubricant a few inches from end of cleaning rope
- Drop brass weighted cord down the unloaded barrel of the gun
- Pull cord through the barrel and the rest will follow
- That's it! One pull through and you're done
- After heavy use, remove rope portion and toss into the washing machine for cleaning

100% Guaranteed
- If for any reason you don't like it, send it back for a refund, no questions asked

*If ejection port is smaller than 3 inches gun must be disassembled to clean

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Product Features

SAVES TIME: What if cleaning your firearms took about as long as it takes to put your gun away? We might not be there yet, but we are darn close. One pull of our cleaning kit takes the place of the time honored tradition of spending the afternoon with a rod, brush and patch. Put solvent on our copper brush, a little oil on the rope and give it a good pull through. You're done and back to watching the game. LESS MESS: Oily patches stacked as high as Mt. Everest. Beat up old brushes. Aluminum rods that snap and have you cursing up a storm. All needless frustration. Our cleaning kit does the job of the older traditional equipment, but with less mess and in a fraction of the time. GIVING BACK: We love our hunting community and want to see our tradition last long after we are gone. Sage & Braker will donate 1% of its proceeds from shotgun bore cleaning kit sales to PHEASANTS FOREVER to help keep our tradition alive (and hopefully with a few more birds in the field) CUSTOMER SERVICE: In a world of automation, you'll be happy to know that at Sage & Braker YOU will only ever deal directly with the owner. YOU come first. This company was founded by hunters and firearm enthusiasts that care about their community. That is why we will never compromise our customer's trust. We will always be here to backup our products, but don't take our word for it, check out the glowing reviews from our customers below. HIGHEST QUALITY COMPONENTS: We scoured the globe for the finest components to create our uniquely designed gun cleaning kits. Our copper brush detaches to allow you to dip it into a solvent then reattach for the thoroughest cleaning your gun could have. Added bonus: Throw the rope portion in the washing machine and now there are no metal parts to damage your expensive appliance. Small, compact and ready to go, our kits come in a handy canvas bag to keep it organized in your range bag or hunting vest. We demand the best because we know you do as well.

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