Hi-Spec 15-in-1 Pocket Multi Tool with Stainless Steel Pliers, Saw, Utility Blade, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Screwdrivers, Ruler, File & Pouch for Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Survival, Repairs & Biking

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Manufacturer Description

The Ultimate Tool for Surviving the Wilderness or Just Everyday Life!

Be prepared for just about every situation with a tool that has limitless applications! A compact, lightweight tool that easily fits into your pocket, these 15-in-1 Multi-Pliers will keep you prepared, whether camping in the wilderness, tightening screws in your garden or opening bottles at a Barbecue - it doesn't matter where you are, this tool is sure to be the most valuable change you find in your pocket!


15-in-1 Multi-Pliers with Stainless Steel Tools

- Nipper pliers for gripping, holding, twisting and turning materials tightly

- Regular pliers, with hardened jaws and shaped for turning nuts and bolts of various sizes

- Wire cutters / strippers for cutting and stripping the insulation from wire and cable

- Bottle opener to quench your thirst and open a well earned beer!

- Small Flat Screwdriver (2mm) for smaller screws found on many electrical items

- Medium Slotted Screwdriver (3mm) because you will never find one when you need one

- Large Flathead screwdriver (5mm) this also doubles as a mini pry bar to open paint cans

- Phillips screwdriver could be used for opening battery compartments or for fixing wood screws

- Fish De-scaler for preparing the fish you just caught

- Ruler tells you how big something is, especially useful if you need to find a replacement part

- Sharp Knife can be used for a variety of tasks from peeling an apple to sharpening a wooden stake

- Flat file (Double sided)- for shaping and smoothing things

- Can opener because without it you will be hungry

- Awl / knife used for piercing holes, especially in leather

- Saw for sawing through larger sticks and branches to make shelters and firewood

Product Features

✔ BE PREPARED FOR LIFE: With an impressive list of features, these 15-in-1 multi-function pliers have everything you need for tasks including screwing fixtures, cutting wire and metal, sawing wood, stripping cables, gripping and turning nuts and bolts, opening cans and bottles, measuring, filing, cutting and de-scaling fish. Conquer your everyday home life, as well as the great outdoors with a versatile tool you can depend on - whether camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or cycling! ✔ SOLID CONSTRUCTION: A solid build and stainless steel tools make these multi-pliers strong, durable and capable of withstanding the elements - just what you need regardless of where you are. The anodized aluminium handle provides a comfortable but secure grip with a low overall weight to make you forget you are even carrying it. Pliers are spring-loaded so they will open easily when you release you grip and have hardened, heat-treated jaws to cut and strip the hardest metal wires ✔ ONE-HANDED OPERATION: Multi-Pliers feature an easily accessible butterfly opening mechanism which keeps tools folded away safely during storage, with an integrated locking system that holds tools securely in place during use. Every tool can be locked and conveniently used with one hand so you have the other hand free to secure the item you are working on or multi-task with your free hand ✔ 15-IN-1, ENDLESS USES: Whether you're at home, on the road, at a muddy jobsite, or deep in the backcountry, you can't predict what you'll be up against. This multi-plier has 15 built-in tools that will give you an edge in virtually any situation or location: camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, as well as everyday applications around the home, office and garage - 15 tools with unlimited applications ✔ CONVENIENT CARRY POUCH: A compact carry pouch fits perfectly in a pocket or can be easily attached to belts and straps so you can keep this life-saving tool with you at all times. Folding design keeps tools folded away for easy transportation in a bag, rucksack, cycle or camping bag and stiffened waterproof fabric means the tool will stay safe and free from corrosion. Keep your daily companion with you at all times - because you never know when you will need it!

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