Internova Yeti 800 Monster LED Camping Lantern - Massive Brightness with Tri-Strip Lighting LED Lantern - Emergency - Backpacking - Hiking - Auto - Home - College

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Manufacturer Description

The Yeti 800™ by Internova is the biggest, baddest, and brightest battery powered LED camping and emergency lantern. Period.

Whether you are hiking the Himilayas, or camping on the Colorado River, the Yeti 800 is built to take on anything the outdoors can dish out.


- 800 Maximum Lumens Output
- Warm white LEDs that provide a more natural type of lighting than other LED lanterns
- Sturdy retractable handle that is perfect for hanging from your tent, RV camper awning, or any other area that needs overhead light
- Built-in, S hook for inverted hanging is perfect for focusing the light down to work under the hood of a car, or to hang from a tree
- Water-resistant, with rubber and plastic molded base, can be used in rain or snow.

The Yeti 800 conveniently has 4 different lighting modes to get you through even the darkest nights:

✔ Maximum
✔ High
✔ Medium
✔ Low

Powered by 4 D Batteries (not included), the Yeti will provide hours of continuous monster lighting to frighten away even the scariest of creatures!

Not only is the Yeti 800 an essential tool to have in your emergency kit to outlast power outages due to thunderstorms or hurricanes; it also works wonders as "mood" lighting on the patio for backyard parties in the evening.

As with all of our products, the Yeti 800™ by Internova comes with a 5 Year Warranty* and our No Questions Asked Return Policy, so you can rest assured that there is absolutely no risk to you!

Order yours today and your Yeti 800™ by Internova will immediately be shipped and on its way to you!

*The Yeti 800 has not yet been tested near an actual Yeti. Yet.

Product Features

MASSIVELY BRIGHT - Looking for something to illuminate any creatures that go "bump in the night"? Look no further than the Yeti 800! With a brilliant 800 maximum lumens output, this monster light can illuminate a campsite, a trail or even a backyard patio. Simply put, the best led lantern to light up the night. INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - Unlike any other camping lantern in its class, the Yeti 800 is built to weather the elements. Rugged terrain or rain is no match for this lantern. Designed for stability and water-resistance, the sturdy, rubber and plastic molded base can handle slippery, uneven surfaces. SUPREME PERFORMANCE - FIVE full hours of non-stop, cool-running, Tri-Strip LED lighting gives dependable safety in emergencies. High, Medium High, Medium and Low modes are simple to change to extend run time whether you are braving a power outage from a hurricane, or riding out a thunderstorm in a tent. ADAPTABLE - Lightweight and portable. The ergonomic top handle fits comfortably in your hand so you won't drop the lantern while running from Sasquatch. And the built-in retractable base hook allows the Yeti 800 to hang reliably inverted from a tree, hook, tent pole, or stand. DISCLAIMER: The Yeti 800 has not actually been used by a Yeti. Or Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch. They were unavailable during product testing. However, if they HAD used our product, they could have done so risk free with our 5 Year Warranty*!

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