Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy - Use as Emergency Bivy Bag, Survival Sleeping Bag, Mylar Emergency Blanket, Survival Gear - Includes Nylon Sack with Survival Whistle + Paracord String

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Manufacturer Description

Ever wonder what you'd do if you got stranded in bad weather out hiking or on a road trip? Now you can be ready for life's unexpected events with the Go Time Gear Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag.

This survival bivy sack is engineered for survival featuring a compact, lightweight design and highly durable materials. Remove it from the sack and unfold it to use as an improvised survival shelter or sleeping bag. Our survival bivvy sack is the only one with our patent pending Para-SynchTM Technology paracord drawstring utility rope and a 120-decibel emergency whistle.

• 1-person bivy sack functions as a emergency blanket, survival sleeping bag, or survival shelter
• Includes patent pending Para-SynchTM Technology paracord drawstring & 120-decibel survival whistle
• Extra-thick 26um polyethylene material
• Durable, tear-resistant and weather-resistant
• Reflective interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat
• Seam-sealed edges keep wind, rain, and snow out
• Bright orange color maximizes your visibility to rescuers
• Reusable thermal bivy sack folds up into waterproof stuff sack
• All items are 100% reusable
• Lightweight - just 4.1 ounces

Whether pounding rain, howling wind, or relentless snow, harsh weather is no match for the Go Time Gear Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag. It's designed to provide protection against the elements keeping you warm and dry.

Toss a survival bivy bag in your car's trunk or glovebox or keep a couple at home or the office to be ready for the unexpected. Your emergency bivy sack is also ideal for a winter survival kit, emergency kit, or bug out bag supplies. When you're done with it, simply fold it up and tuck it back into your stuff sack for next time.

No more worries about being stranded outdoors. With the Go Time Gear Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag, you're always prepared.

Product Features

STAY WARM AND ALIVE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS: The Life Bivy serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and survival sleeping bag all-in-one. Engineered for emergencies and survival, you have the ability to call for help using the 120-decibel survival whistle and the bright orange color alerts rescuers. Perfect for your bug out bag, survival gear, camping gear, or car survival kit, the Life Bivy is an essential tool to ensure you stay alive in an emergency. PATENT PENDING PARA-SYNCHTM TECHNOLOGY PARACORD DRAWSTRING & SURVIVAL WHISTLE: The 120-decibel emergency whistle cuts through wind and trees alerting rescuers up to 1-mile away. The 550lb nylon core patent pending Para-SynchTM Technology drawstring can be used to secure or repair gear, build a shelter, or start a fire. In a survival situation, your tools and skills are the difference between life and death. The Life Bivy's multi-functional stuff sack stacks the deck in your favor EXTRA-THICK TEAR AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT MATERIAL: Your ultra-lightweight emergency bivy sleeping bag is constructed of 26um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to extreme conditions. The Life Bivy is durable enough for repeated uses so it can be folded up and placed back inside the waterproof Nylon stuff sack for your next adventure. PROTECTION AGAINST RAIN, WIND, & SNOW: Your waterproof and windproof survival bivvy bag is made of extra-thick tear & puncture resistant polyethylene material with sealed seams locking out harsh weather and protecting you in the worst conditions. The reflective interior protects you from hypothermia and keeps you warm by reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing just 4.1 ounces, the Life Bivy survival sleeping bag comes rolled up inside a durable waterproof stuff sack so you can store it nearly anywhere. Toss Life Bivvies in your hiking pack, go bag, survival gear and glove box so whether you're trapped in your car during a winter storm or forced to spend an unplanned night outside, you're ready for the harshest conditions Mother Nature throws at you.

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