Pack of 2, Fnova Nylon Hammock Tree Straps

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Manufacturer Description

The straps are very durable, and lighter than simple straps. If I were going on a lightweight backpacking trip, this set is perfect for you. For single night trips, these straps make setting camp a breeze and powerful enough to shoulder the weight of the world.
Improved your camping experience with these hammock straps, Lounging in comfort, set up and take down in minutes, very little to pack.
Can keep in vehicle all the time just in case a hammock lounging moment happens.

Atlas Hammock Tree Straps gently hug the surface of your trees to ensure a snug fit for your hammock and safe reclining for you.
Happy hangs!!

-/ Heavy-duty straps of all-weather polyester webbing
-/ Adjusting is as simple as choosing a new loop.
-/ Really light suspension set-ups available for backpackers and campers to utilize.
-/ Secures your hammock so you can sleep soundly and safely pretty much anywhere you can find a couple of trees.
-/ Easily create an easy connection or anchor point and provide adjustment
-/ Equipped with mountaineering buckle, easy to use a hammock
-/ Pack of two with two climbing carabiner

Life Time Warranty★★★★★
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Product Features

★ HEAVY DUTY EXTRA LONG 9.8 FEET LIGHTWEIGHT SUSPENSION KIT. Each 5cm wide strap can bear up to 600kgMade from high quality 100 % adjustable Non- stretching polyester webbing and are used to create anchor points around trees, rocks, or posts capable of bearing weight, in order to hang a hammock. ★ BEST PORTABLE STRAPE SYSTEM WITH FAST AND EASY SETUP. Love the style of daisy chain loops with an integrated webbing strap that takes one minute to set up. These straps allow you to hang your hammock without damaging anything (tree bark or other surfaces) or using any complicated knots. ★ COME AS A PAIR AND INCLUDE 30 COMBINED ATTACHMENT POINTS. The atlas hammock strap is a pair of sewing loops Daisy chain 3 meters long and 5 centimeters wide. Weighs of 780g, yet boasts a whopping 15 loops (30 combined) adjustment points, each is approximately 5 in (17 cm) long, with lot of versatility to where you hang your hammock and can adjust the sag by changing the loops. ★ EXPERIENCE THE LEVEL OF COMFORT HAMMOCK GEAR. These hammock straps are fold up into a tiny bag .Very handy and insures you will never lose them. In addition, you can store things in the bag while the hammock is hung up. Watch, glasses, handy book, etc. The hammock connects to the webbing loops via a climbing-rated carabiner (included) or other load-bearing hardware device. ★ SECURE TREE FRIENDLY HAMMOCK STRAPS. Sleep soundly and safely pretty much anywhere you can find a couple of trees within reasonable distance from each other or use poles, truck racks, et. Just simple wrap it once around the tree, or whatever sturdy object, and slide one end through the loop on the other end and you are done.

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